Let Every Day Be Thanksgiving! 5 Reasons to Cultivate Gratitude as a Life Practice

November 23, 2014 Sage

Beautiful gratitude inspiration!

Sage's Wisdom Pages

see the beauty in everyday thingsMake me sweet again

fragrant and fresh and wild

and thankful for any small event.

– Rumi

This month we all come together with loved ones and devote our awareness for a few hours to thankfulness. Perhaps your family, like mine, will join hands and take turns sharing what each one is grateful for, today and over the past year. And whether you have a formal or informal practice of expressing gratitude at your Thanksgiving table, I’m sure you feel the energy of gratitude throughout your celebration.

But why do we reserve a mere one day a year for this? I propose we make every day a day of giving thanks. Oh, we don’t have to stuff ourselves with stuffing and gobble down turkey…Somehow I think the original intention of the holiday, gratitude for the Earth’s bounty, for peaceful, harmonious coexistence, for life itself, has gotten lost in all the…

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